Budddy pair up: hand-picked, personal contact and first friend!

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Jane moved from China to Germany   18 months ago.

   Her buddy Chris      is happy to help!



Budddy pair up: hand-picked, personal contact and first friend!

Moving to Germany can be tough without a first friend by your side. We hand-pick a buddy (either a local or a prior expat who has been through the same situation) for your who will get in touch with you, help you wherever he or she can and will hopefully become your first friend in Germany! The best thing: it´s for free!

Do you want to become a buddy? Click  >>here<<!

Personalized checklist for your need

Checklist: personalized, clear step-by-step process and 100% exclusive!

Our personalized checklist will guide you through all the things you need to do before and after your arrival in Germany. It will provide you specific information on the things you care the most about. Moreover, you can apply all the things that are listed in the checklist on your calender, so that you won´t miss any deadline!

Talk with a freelancer
Talk with a freelancer

Talk with a freelancer: first 15 min. for free, no comission and no agency costs!

You don´t want to pay thousands of Euros on a relocation agent but still receive the care-packages? We will search you a freelancing agent who will help you in the most efficient and cost saving way to get everything done. The best thing: the first 15 minutes are for free which will give you time to decide whether or not you want to take advantage of this service.