Why it's a good idea to talk to us.

Why should you talk to one of our team members?

  • Real-Person Check
  • Better pairing results
  • Already ask first relocation question

Basically, to make sure you have a buddy that you get along well – and that takes human relationship interaction!

  1. We hand-picked each and every buddy, and we hope that he/she will become your first friend here in Germany.
  2. Personal interaction makes pairing much more successful than machine algorithm (just compare the friends you’ve introduced, and the horrible pairing suggestion in Tinder).
  3. You can already ask any relocation questions and our team will try their best to help you.


What will happen after the call?

  • Pick your potential buddy
  • Introduce buddy to you
  • Answer your relocation questions
  1. We take a deep look at our buddy pool, and pick the one that suits you references and expectations.
  2. We give warm and personal introductions to help you break the ice.
  3. Depends on your moving related questions, if we cannot answer them right away, we will work on it and come back to you.