Relax, moving to Germany is not an exile!

We help you Step-by-Step, starting from pairing you up with a buddy in your destination!

Buddy Pair-Up

We hand-pick your potential buddy to guarantee maximal match.

Personalized Checklist

A comprehensive yet personalized checklist to guide you when to do what.

Freelancing Agents

We offer a selection of highly-rated freelancing relocation agents.

I was a bit alert when trying the buddy pairing, but Sebastian is a very nice and warm-hearted guy! He gave me many insider tips that I would've never found in any official book! We still grab a beer now and then!
I don´t speak German, and I was totally stressed out when I spent 2 weeks trying to find out how to deal with German paperwork, until I found Expat Guide. With their clear instructions, as to bring document "X" to the immigration bureau department "Y" on day "Z" , I now can relax and enjoy live in my new city.
Event Manager
Finding a flat in Berlin got me despaired. My personal agent Tom told me everything I needed to know and helped me finding the perfect place to stay - without any hidden costs!
Graphic Designer

The best relocation solution proven by thousands of your peers living in Germany!

A friend, a checklist, a relocation agent. Pick and choose - it´s up to you.

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